Terms and Conditions

-All of our prices are fully inclusive of Cuban taxes.

-CMT is an online booking service that connects American Citizen & Resident travelers to Cuba with their desired transportation. We offer online shopping for tours and transportation that includes online booking and credit card payment – and we were the FIRST for this type of online FULL SERVICE TRANSPORTATION booking in Cuba!!!

-The fleet of classic cars that CMT outsources your transportation to are owned and maintained by private Cuban entrepreneurs (“Cuentapropistas”). In most cases you will be dealing with the owner of the classic car you are riding in. They undertake the CUBAN STANDARD of routine servicing and maintenance and use specialists for complex tasks. In this way we can ensure highest levels of reliability and minimum time ‘off fleet’ as practical, but this is CUBA and their standards are not US standards.

– CMT has access to a fleet of over 80 classic cars which have been properly identified with driver’s contact details corroborated and adherence to local regulations. We are committed to fairness, honesty and good value. So we work extremely hard to keep the quality of our service very high and our prices as reasonable as possible with the added benefit to you of no hidden extra fees and the convenience of online booking and payment which no other vendor of this nature seems to be able to offer as of this writing.

– Seat belts do not exist in any of the classic cars in Cuba and these cars were built in a time that safety standards were very low. By using CMT’s booking service you acknowledge that safety could be a concern and that injury and/or death may occur in the event of an accident or incident while riding in these vehicles or on one of the CMT offered activities. You further agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend CMT (and it’s principals AND employees) for any claims of any kind that may arise out of your participation or presence during any of the activities offered or booked by CMT, regardless of where the claim may be brought.

– At CMT we include considerable detail about our classic cars and the tours offered to help you make the right choice for your needs and desires. When you purchase our classic car tour we will send you a confirmation email with full details of the tour as selected and provided by YOU. And we are always available by email (in English and Spanish) to help you with any questions that you may have. We are here to help you make the most of your classic car tour experience and enjoying our AMAZING city of La Habana.

– Refund Policy – CMT does not offer any REFUNDS on tours that already departed. We have a cancellation fee of 20% for any tour departing within a week of the tour’s departure date, and a cancellation fee of 10% for any tour cancelled within two weeks of a tour’s departure date. In the event that your travel plans change, CMT at CMT’s sole discretion will consider rebooking you if the modification is not at the last minute (2 business day emailed advance notice required) and is within 30 days of your previous booking.

– CMT makes NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE about the availability or OPEN status of any point of interest or attraction, either government or privately owned, that may be included in your tour. Please do your own research about the attraction that you are interested in and if it will be open on the day you plan to book your tour. Please do not ask CMT to check on this as we do not have the staff or resources to inquire if XYZ Museum will be open in 6 months on a given day and even if we were told that it would be – that information could be inaccurate and things could change between that time and the time of your anticipated arrival at the XYZ Museum. In Cuba places occasionally close or can otherwise be unavailable to you without notice for various reasons and this is far beyond the control of CMT. Most often this is not a problem, however in the event of a closure or unavailability we will attempt to provide alternate entertainment during your tour. When Fidel Castro death was announced at midnight on Friday November 25th they made us leave Fabrica de Arte (Havana’s HOTTEST entertainment venue) and sent us into the street. We had paid a cover to enter and were having a GREAT time. Also there was a MANDATORY 9 days of mourning that followed and most things that travelers like to do were PROHIBITED during that time – Music, Drinking, Dancing and most attractions were CLOSED during this time. That’s just the way it is and CMT will not be held responsible for the quirky things that can and will happen in this unpredictable Island Nation.

– For online bookings we require at least a 25% deposit of the total price of the multiday tour or 30% of the day trip. In case of cancellation and desired refund please refer to the corresponding section in this page.

– CMT makes NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE about the weather on the date of your tour. It might be BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT, it might rain cats and dogs, it might be cold (doubtful) and it might be HOT (not unlikely). SO in the event of inclement or less than ideal weather, you will need to communicate with the field manager to see if there is an alternate that works for all involved. If it is possible, a reschedule will be attempted if a car and driver is available for the time and tour you have booked. However this is solely at the discretion of the dispatch/field manager on duty. CMT does not refund booking fee(s)/deposit(s) paid due to any type of weather conditions.

– CMT does not cover any expense for entry or tickets into any of the attractions that may be included in your tour. Tour fees are only for transportation ONLY (vehicle and it’s operator) and no food or beverage is included.

– CMT requires detailed info regarding airport pick up and airport drop off. In the case of airport drop off in multi-day tours this info is to be provided within 48 hrs of customer’s arrival to Cuba. If this info is not provided in this time frame then customer will not have any right to demand an airport drop off from CMT.

– For any cancellation that occurs within a week of booking start date the customer will not be entitled to more than a 50% refund.

-For any tour where CMT explicitly specifies that will cover entrance fees on behalf of the customer to museums, night clubs, cabarets, theaters, etc. it will do so for a price of up to 5 EUR or its equivalent. CMT will never cover on customer’s behalf an entrance fee that surpasses that value (5 EUR).

– Due to the absence of data over the cellular network available to CUBAN PHONES and the staff’s inability to monitor airline apps, etc. for changes in arrival & departure times, CMT will not be responsible for any changes to airline schedules made for ANY REASON. This includes, but is not limited to, early arrivals, delayed or rescheduled departures, etc.

– We DO NOT assume responsibility for ANY laws or regulations (USA or Cuban) that may affect your tour, trip or booking. This is Cuba and things are changing every day, both on the US and Cuban sides and are beyond our control.